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The casino industry has a special set of marketing needs. Heeter’s Casino Solutions will help you execute successful marketing campaigns that can attract more business to your venue. We understand the importance of customization, security, accuracy and timeliness in executing successful gaming campaigns.

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Variable Print Solutions

Heeter Casino Solutions has the capacity to handle all of your variable printing needs.

We specialize in customizable variable data direct mail pieces, including loyalty programs, free food and hotel offers. These pieces securely transform your player data and marketing strategies into tangible results, maximizing the return on your marketing investment. We produce direct mail pieces, such as core mailers, and unique options such as pull tab and scratch-off pieces.

Heeter Casino Solutions works with you from the onset of each and every one of your projects to determine the most cost-effective printing solution to achieve your goals.

Speed, Accuracy & Security

One dedicated team can take your data matrices and artwork, produce your customized variable data direct mail piece and get it into the mail stream in as little as two days. Your data is uploaded to a secure FTP website, and access is only allowed to those you choose. You retain complete control of your valuable database — and your project remains in-house from inception to mailing, further ensuring complete security.

Plus, the Imperium Customer Collaboration Suite enables you to easily enter, manage and track all of your marketing jobs on any computer or mobile device.

See How Heeter Helped a Casino Improve Accuracy & Save Over 30% on Postage

Direct mail using database marketing is the number one way casinos drive traffic and revenue to the floor.

Why Heeter Casino Solutions?

1. Team is 100% focused on casinos

Heeter employs a dedicated team of customer service representatives (CSRs) and sales professionals who have years of experience in casino. They know gaming!

Plus, the team will provide valuable insights on developing new campaigns as well as cost-saving ideas.

2. Our gaming customers rave about our CSRs

“Our CSR is the best CSR I have ever worked with. Here is an example – we print a monthly calendar that is the biggest driving source of revenue for our facility. Our CSR works late nights and weekends; he does what it takes to complete our project on time. He updates me regularly on projects, and he takes the initiative to preempt any hurdles that could arise in our projects, like typos or missing objects in art files.”

“Your team does everything it can to ensure that our print pieces are high quality, the information is correct and they get out to our guests on time.”

3. Everything is done in-house

Our 100,000-square-foot facility enables us to produce and distribute all of your campaigns in-house. This single location allows fast turnaround, consistent quality and tight data security.

4. Advanced digital presses produce compelling mailers

Casino clients value color variable direct mail pieces, including core mailers, post cards, VIP invitations and unique options such as pull tab and scratch-off pieces.

Why are we uniquely set to serve you? Heeter was the first printer in the world to install Ricoh’s flagship inkjet web press VC70000 in 2018. Our advanced presses ensure your jobs are personalized, cost-effective and on time.

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