Collaborate With Heeter in Real Time

Imperiumis our customized web-based printing management software that gives you the visibility and ongoing communication you’ve always wanted from a printing communications partner. It’s perfect for marketing and procurement leaders who value their time and productivity.

  • Order custom print and direct mail effortlessly.
  • Accelerate your marketing workflow.
  • Chat with the Heeter team.
  • Generate customized reports.
  • Track your mail via phone or computer instantly.

Work in Confidence, With Confidence

We take privacy and data security extremely seriously. Heeter and its Imperium application are certified by the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance, a widely adopted security and risk management framework. HITRUST is the gold standard in data security for all industries, not just healthcare. Read more about Heeter’s HITRUST certification.

Meet Imperium 2.0 - Now With Even More Capabilities

Learn About Imperium 2.0

Integrate Imperium With Your Marketing and Ops Infrastructure

Call Centers

Call Centers

Sales and Broker Networks

Sales & Broker Networks

Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites

Create Your Pro Platform

Imperium is modular and customizable based on the information you want and need. Choose the right Imperium Pro tools for you:

  • ReportPro offers online job activity and inventory reporting.
  • MailPro tracks in-home dates with 98% accuracy and provides USPS scanning details.
  • ShopPro integrates storefront for static and variable marketing campaigns while maintaining branding.
  • PagePro is an on-demand dynamic document builder for efficient content creation.
  • SecurePro safely transfers sensitive materials via FTP or a secure web interface.
  • CollaboratePro enables real-time project communication with the Heeter team.