Case Study

Working Together to Increase Applications by 42%

Allegheny College is a small private liberal arts institution that needed more potential students to visit its rural campus in order to drive its applications and improve enrollment.

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Located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, the college knows that around 39% of potential students nationally who visit a campus will likely apply. The admissions office wanted to expand its outreach and improve student visits in order to drive this metric.


Working together, a responsive outreach program was created, where the college provides a list of prospective students and Heeter personalizes, prints, assembles, and sends timely materials to them. Allegheny College can track the arrival of its packages and initiates further communication with the students from there.

In addition, Heeter has worked with Allegheny College on numerous Alumni Reunion Invitations, Alumni Calendars and Magazines.


Allegheny College’s partnership with Heeter is paying off with significant increases in applications. Since Allegheny began working with Heeter in 2015, the Meadville-based college has seen a 42% increase in applications.

Heeter is a trusted partner in our efforts to grow the quality of our student body.
Jason T. Andracki

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, Allegheny College

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