Simplifying the Distribution of Collateral with Integrated Storefront

Vitaris has traditionally operated 3 separate collateral-ordering websites for its sales rep teams.
The sites are very actively used – 67,000 orders were processed and fulfilled by Heeter in a recent year.


The sites took considerable upkeep on the front end and lots of effort from Quality Control (QC) on the back end. Plus the site interface was becoming dated.

Vitaris and Heeter sought to build an updated storefront that could handle this high volume but be more personalized and consolidated.


Heeter’s IT Team built a single, integrated storefront on top of its Imperium platform. The refreshed site now allows the entire 450+ person sales team to order Vitaris’ 150 products all under one storefront. To speed sales team ordering, each rep has a single point of logon and sees only the appropriate products for them to order.

“Heeter’s innovative approach to solving this sales material challenge proved to be a big winner at Vitaris.” Bev Brown, Marketing Print Production Specialist


Orders are printed, fulfilled and shipped within 48 hours ensuring rapid responses to customers.



Industry:  Pharmaceutical