Seeking a Single Integrated Provider


A global manufacturer had worked with dozens of print and other service providers to support its extensive retail networks. The manufacturer wanted to shift away from its massive efforts of managing multiple projects and to focus on its core expertise of selling products.

In 2017, the company launched a search to identify the right ‘one stop shop’ to consolidate its hundreds of annual projects and dozens of providers. It sought to partner with a single provider who would produce high quality materials and simplify its project management.


The manufacturer spent so much time coordinating multiple vendors and projects that it was hard focus on its core mission of producing and marketing products.  It was also challenged by operating a disconnected order and warehouse systems which made efficient fulfillment to its dealer network difficult.


After being named print and fulfillment provider, Heeter brought together an extensive team to undertake the project management. It also integrated the disparate systems which provided a full view of ordering and inventory through Heeter’s Imperium platform, a web-based dashboard of projects, inventory and delivery statuses.


Heeter has been doing the manufacturer’s printing and kitting for its dealer network monthly POS kit program for the last several years. This partnership has freed up time and enabled the marketing team to work on many other high-value projects. Additionally, the firm saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in freight costs due to better planning and consolidated distribution.