Imperium Provides Key Visibility on Mail Timing

Frontiers International Travel is a 45-year-old full-service travel firm that specializes in light-tackle fishing, quality bird shooting, wildlife photographic safaris and leisure trips.

To get the attention of its discriminating target market, Frontiers works hard to ensure its brochures and mailings are truly world-class. And because many trips have a short selling season, the campaigns need to be coordinated and well-timed across its multiple customer touch points.


The creation and distribution of outstanding materials has traditionally taken months of detailed work across multiple contractors and vendors. The goal was to simplify the process, reduce development time, streamline costs and increase the quality – particularly its premium, multi-page brochures which present Frontiers’ fabulous adventures.

“Timing is critical in our marketing. Imperium tells us when our direct mail arrives in our client’s mailbox so we can follow-up immediately with a robust digital campaign. It makes an impact on our client engagement and sales.” Cory Van Horn, Marketing Director, Frontiers


Imperium, an exclusive online customer portal, allows the Frontiers’ team to work on print projects in a more efficient, integrated way. Once the campaigns are executed by Heeter, Frontiers’ Marketing Director, Cory Van Horn, utilizes Imperium to determine the exact day his clients receive their mailings. This allows Cory to implement a timely, complimentary digital marketing program.



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