When a High-Quality Printed Magazine Is a Must

Tepper Magazine Publication
Carnegie Mellon University is an internationally renowned research university, and its top-ranked Tepper School of Business wanted to regularly engage with its 24,000 alumni, students, and faculty.


With its community of executives and business leaders spread across the globe, each of them facing time constraints and busy schedules, Tepper wanted to invest in a beautifully designed, first-rate magazine.


Tepper teamed with Heeter to produce and distribute a high-gloss quarterly magazine, the type of publication that’s celebrated for both its content and aesthetics.

“Many encouraged us to move the magazine to be online only. But our alumni readers pushed back, saying they want a high-quality magazine from their alma mater to put on their coffee table. We are committed to printing it quarterly.”Deb Lantz, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University


Tepper Magazine is well-received and critically-acclaimed; its readership among the business school community is high. In an age when many publications are moving to purely digital form, this award-winning print magazine is flourishing.



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