Appealing Incentives Drive Strong Behavior

Insurance Promo Materials
A leading national health insurance provider is aiming to improve member retention amongst one of its customer segments by incentivizing this group to schedule preventive care appointments.


The insurer knows the health history of its members, so it can suggest specific preventative steps to identify health concerns early. How can it motivate a large group of its membership to schedule preventative care appointments?


Heeter worked with the client to develop a variable direct mail campaign which started with a piece that featured a customized list of recommended tests. Members were incented to take these preventative tests via a $25 premium gift card offer (from one of 9 national brands). Once the subscriber took the test, the insurer’s systems informed Heeter who would then mail a follow-up mailer to select a gift card.

“When we were faced with a large complex project on a short turnaround, we turned to Heeter with the confidence that they’d be able to execute every phase of our project by providing a one-stop solution.”Director of Marketing, Large Health Insurance Provider


This direct mail/redemption program resulted in a return that was 20% higher than expectations and provided the insurer with valuable information about its members and their demographics. It also ensured that over 8,000 of their members are receiving the necessary healthcare screenings to ensure good health.



Industry: Insurance