Working Closely on Novel Brochure

Marietta College is a private liberal arts college in Marietta, Ohio that enrolls 1200 full-time students. Tom Perry, VP of Communication & Brand Management, was looking for a piece that stood out from the typical prospective student collateral and illustrated the unique experiences of students on campus and in town.


Marietta had not produced a piece focused solely on student life in some years; they also hoped to get the attention of their target audience by using unique papers.

With a tight budget, it was critical that this Student Life piece delivered on its goals.


Marietta engaged an agency on the design and then worked closely with Heeter on ensuring the selected specialty stock provided the desired effects. Heeter created a series of prototypes so the

Marietta team could see and feel the final piece. “We appreciated the extra effort the Heeter team provided to assure us the piece would work,” said Mr. Perry.


The piece was delivered on time and on budget and has received very positive comments from prospective students as well as Marietta colleagues.

“Everyone who sees the piece loves it. The engaging photos on the rich paper really grab their attention. Heeter is our go-to provider of sophisticated materials.”