Welcome to Our New Blog & Branding!

One of Heeter’s assets is its longevity. We’ve been in business for over 70 years.

Every now and again it is good to look at how we’re presenting ourselves to our customers and community. It is especially important since we are a communications & print company.

We decided to do this earlier this year when we started a rebranding process. We asked ourselves “could we be doing better?” We answered “yes.”

We considered what our customers had reported that made us special and distinct from others. We quickly centered on:

  • Our team and its outstanding customer service
  • Innovative thinking like HeeterPRO (our unique online hub for customer information)
  • Expertise around specific industries

Introducing Our New Logo

From a visual perspective, we chose a font for the Heeter name that is friendly and casual which reflects our culture. We deliberately kept the “h” as a small letter – reflecting our approachability. The logo ties in well with the 3 pillars mentioned above.

We selected the six-colored logo bug that combines two color sets: the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow of the traditional print world with the Red, Green and Blue of the digital world (for example, tablets and monitors). This logo illustrates that we marry both digital world and print solutions. The shape of the bug is also reminiscent of a printing registration mark.

You will see the new branding and messaging on our Heeter materials in coming weeks- from our trucks to our signs to our cards and website.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new branding. Please share your thoughts with us.