Is Your Team Leveraging Imperium?

Heeter launched Imperium in 2016. Each and every day Heeter customers are benefiting from our collaboration tool. Imperium allows you to communicate seamlessly and in real-time with us, through the following features:

ReportPRO provides easy online reporting of your job activity and inventory levels at our facility. Reports are customized to meet your needs and available from any computer or handheld device.

• You can predict in home dates with 98% accuracy by tracking outbound direct mail as well as business return mail. The intuitive interface of MailPRO provides details of USPS scanning information as well as visual representation of where your mail is within the postal stream.

SecurePRO moves your sensitive materials safely and can be accessed through traditional FTP clients or via a secure web interface.

ShopPRO is a fully integrated storefront that enables clients to select, edit and order both static offset materials as well as fully variable direct marketing campaigns – while maintaining corporate branding.

CollaboratePRO is a shared space to communicate project needs real time with the Heeter team.

Imperium is constantly evolving as well. During the first quarter of 2017, Heeter launched ContentPRO with a valued customer whose mail campaigns required frequent content updates.

Our ContentPRO feature allows for content management of complex variable campaigns. We look forward to rolling out the feature this spring with many more of our customers.

Heeter’s goal is to not only be your trusted printer but your communication partner. The Imperium offering brings us one, large step closer.

Please reach out to Tom Boyle at 724.746.5000 to learn more, get started and discuss the latest features and custom opportunities.