Meet the The Team: Eric Tomikel

Position: PreMEDIA

Years at Heeter: 21

Years in Print Industry: 42

In his 40 years of pre-press work, Eric has seen many ways to take client art work and prepare it to most effectively print on the presses. He started on drafting tables in the 1980’s (just after he graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh ‘82) and has seen the migration to more powerful computers and design software. software. “Technology advances almost daily, and you must constantly adapt. That is one reason why I love what I do. You learn something new every day.”

Some of Eric’s favorite Heeter projects have been putting together the program for the annual Mel Blount Steelers’ Roast and “building” our customer PRINT’s maps.

Eric T & Dar Camping cropped

Eric has been married to Darlene for 38 years; they have 2 adult children.

They enjoy camping, comedies and classic rock music.

They are big sports fans – loving the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates.


They have 3 pets: dog Spyke and cats Merlyn and Gandalf.

pets and rocky