Meet the Team: Tiffany Zirwas

Fulfillment Operator/Lead

Years with Heeter: 17 years

Tiffany became acquainted to Heeter when her father, who owned a print shop, sold his specialized equipment to Heeter. Tiffany started in mailing when her father partnered with Heeter and made her way to fulfillment about 10 years ago.

She says fulfillment takes care of everything that a machine cannot process. She gave the example of a 4-item welcome kit from a major Southern State University. They send out thousands of these kits throughout the year.

Tiffany’s team of fulfillment workers scales based on the project load. The fulfillment staff can range from 2 members to 50. In the last couple of years with a higher number of projects, the team has been consistently large.

Outside of work, Tiffany

  • Loves animals of all kinds; she has 10 cats, reptiles, a Axotoli (see below) and a colony of hermit crabs
  • Enjoys mixing art (she attended art school) and animals; she runs a business where she draws animals for pet owners
  • And her fiancée, Shawn, are looking for a house in Washington, PA