Meet the Team: Kullen Dickinson

Position: Senior Account Executive

Time with Heeter: 5 years

Time in Print Industry: 20 years

Kullen met Heeter VP of Sales and Marketing Tom Boyle at printer Consolidated Graphics back in 2000. They worked together for over a decade, leading to Kullen joining Heeter in 2016.

Big Game Hunter

Kullen looks to provide a client with a complete suite of print and communication services for all of its needs.

Early in his career, Kullen landed a full enterprise contract with Feld Entertainment (which operates a number of businesses including Ringling Brothers). More recently, Kullen signed a comprehensive contract with a global manufacturer for its large program of print and POS kits for its dealer network.










Personal Tidbits

  • Kullen is married and is a father of 2 children: one is 2 and the other is 24. What a spread!
  • His new passion is his Peloton bike. He aims to ride it every day.
  • Kullen and his family are based in Atlanta.