Meet the Team: Jani Viczian

Lead Technician

Years in the print industry: 18

Years at Heeter: 16 – Jani joined Heeter in 2007

Jani grew up in Hungary and focused on print studies at his university. After graduation, he worked as a pressman for a packaging company. Jani met his wife, Sarah, who was in Hungary teaching English as a second language.

Jani and Sarah married and emigrated to the United States in 2007.  Jani became a US citizen in 2019.

Career is focused on new presses at Heeter

After moving to St Clairsville, Ohio, Sarah’s hometown, Jani began as a press helper at Heeter in 2007.

Jani and PJ with their Pushing Boundaries Award

As Heeter shifted increasingly to digital and inkjet presses, Jani would typically be among the first operators to work the new machines.  He was an early technician on Ricoh’s Pro VC70000 inkjet press which when installed at Heeter in 2018 was the first commercial printer in the world to operate this innovative press.  Jani and PJ Eddy and the entire Heeter Digital Print Team were honored by Ricoh in 2018 for their early work on this VC70000 press.

When Heeter’s Digital Print Center opened in the fall of 2022, Ricoh installed its new sheet-fed inkjet press called the Z75. Heeter was the first site in the world to operate this new device. Jani and his colleague Garrett are the first Heeter technicians to operate the Z75.

Away from the Digital Print Center

When he is not operating presses, Jani enjoys

  • Traveling with his wife and 3 teenage children to Hungary to see the Viczian’s family and friends
  • Vegetable gardening in the summer and hunting in the fall
  • Cooking and baking
Jani and Sarah in Hungary
Viczian Family