Meet the Team: Isaac Everett

Supervisor of the Mailing Department

If a Heeter client’s piece is being sent through the USPS, it will make its way through Issac’s team in our 701 facility in Canonsburg.

Isaac joined Heeter in 2017 after having worked for 5 years at Rubbermaid in Virginia.

The Mailing Department has had a very busy year. Isaac often works 10-11 hour days to get production moving. Fortunately, Heeter is installing a new (second) Kern 3500 inserter this summer to increase his department’s throughput.

Outside of work:

  • Isaac lives in Brentwood.
  • He enjoys first-person shooter games. He especially likes Rainbow 6 Siege.
  • Isaac plays on a personal computer with 3 connected monitors. See below.
  • He also enjoys being outside when not at work or in front of his gaming station.