Meet Our Team: Chris “Mr. 300” Leduc

Position: VP of Manufacturing, Estimating and Oversaw Production.

Now at Heeter EPIX Manager (Estimating, Procurement, Inventory, Scheduling)

Time at Duke: 35 Years – right out of High School

Pre-Duke Print? Worked in a Bowling Alley Part-Time throughout High School

Time in print industry: Well, my Dad started in our basement and when I was 10, I would pack Envelopes back into cartons for 25 cents a box if that counts, then 43 years.

Favorite project you’ve worked on at  Duke:  Implementing Avanti MIS System and being the administrator for updates and bugs

For fun: Bowling is my main hobby, both participating and being a Volunteer Coach for Junior Leagues.

Chris has had multiple games with a 300 score. He had one series of 3 games where he bowled 859!


I’ll be married 24 Years this July, 2 Step-Daughters, 2 Step-Grand-Daughters, a step grandson, 2 Sons and recently added to the family in the last year 2 son-in-law’s.