Major New Imperium Release

Imperium 3.0 has significant improvements

Our February 2021 release of Imperium has a number of major enhancements which improve a user’s experience with the platform.
Imperium Is Getting a Makeover!

Imperium 3.0 has a clean, fresh look.

Enhanced Functionality

We’ve also improved speed and ease of use in the following areas:

  • Autocomplete search
  • All-around faster response time
  • Updated MailPro user interface
  • Custom homepage selector
  • Job status page export
ReportPro Improved Filtering and Reporting

ReportPro includes significant improvements which include custom date range set-up, personalized tile arrangement, more interactive reports and enhanced filtering options.


Increased Ordering on Storefronts

Heeter’s ShopPro storefronts enable users to easily order banners, pens, furniture, promotional kits, posters, business cards as well as Print-on-Demand items. These types of items allow small run orders with or without the option for customization. Each run can be unique and tailored to the customer’s exact need.


Click on the image below to view Vitaris’ case study on their use of ShopPRO.


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