Listening to Our Customers

At Heeter, our customers are our number one priority and their feedback helps us continuously improve our business.

We have just completed what we anticipate to be an annual survey of our customers so they can share important feedback about how we are doing with their work. We have compiled the numbers and are excited to share them with you.

Heeter’s 2017 Net Promoter Score

An organization’s Net Promoter Score boils down to one simple question — How likely is it that you would recommend Heeter to a friend or colleague?

The answer to this question, translated into numbers, represents customer loyalty and the likelihood of that customer recommending Heeter’s services to others. Net Promoter Scores (NPS) can range from -100 to +100, with +50 being an excellent result.

We are delighted to say our number came in at 81 – well above the average for a business-to-business services provider.

Feedback on Key Characteristics of Printers

We asked our customers how we serve them on a series of characteristics.  The rating ranged from 1 to 5 – with 5 being the highest marks.

  • The results were positive with particular perceptions of strength in technology, knowledge of staff and professionalism.
  • In regards to the Heeter team members with whom our customers regularly work, we also secured high metrics:
    • The sales team rated a stunning 4.81
    • Our CSRs received a favorable 4.43

Words Used to Describe Heeter

We asked customers to use their own words to describe Heeter. Below is a word map of the most used words.

This survey is the first of what we expect to be an annual process. We plan to track changes over the years to ensure we are demonstrating improvement.

Do you have feedback about Heeter before the next survey?  Please contact us as