Introducing ListPRO, the latest app in HeeterPRO hub

Marketers have long known that sending the right message to the right audience is critical to marketing success.

Our customers have been spending more time reaching the right audience with quality lists. Based on many customer requests, Heeter is unveiling ListPRO, a tool to facilitate our clients more easily buying mail lists and easily integrating them into their campaigns.

ListPRO provides a full online solution to allow you to create, submit, and retrieve list orders. It is a fast and powerful list count system that is easy to use. We partner with a top list provider to ensure our customer’s lists are robust and current.

Below are a couple screen captures of the system:

ListPRO is part of HeeterPRO, a customized hub providing clients with access to all of Heeter’s web based products and services. More information on HeeterPRO is available here.

ListPRO and the HeeterPRO suite of applications are free to use for Heeter clients. Heeter offers competitive rates for consumer, business and saturation lists. Please contact your sales executive or call us at 724-746-8900. We’d love to show you a demonstration of ListPRO and HeeterPRO.