Inkjet & Direct Mail: A Recipe for Success

From Domtar

The marketplace is changing, inkjet technology continues to improve and there are new print opportunities that can help you succeed. Here at Domtar, we know how inkjet can help you take advantage.

Direct Mail’s Impact

Digital media isn’t going anywhere, yet there is a growing opportunity for print, especially in the market of promotional direct mail. There’s a misconception that you can only reach newer generations through digital channels, but the reality is, printed communications resonate well with everyone—especially direct mail.

Yes, people are more glued to technology than ever before but they’re also tiring of their devices at a fast rate. The average daily time spent with digital media is close to 7.5 hours per day and the number of emails, webinars and virtual events has exploded causing 80% of target audiences to be fatigued by digital and virtual engagement efforts, according to a report by Sendoso. For many, life has become monotonous and print is an excellent way to change their pace. The average lifespan of a Twitter post is 20 minutes. An e-mail? A fleeting 18 seconds.

In comparison, direct mail pieces have a lifespan of roughly 17 days. They have a physical presence; consumers look at them, hold them and spend more time with them than just hitting delete or scrolling past on social media. If you want your message to be seen, choose the channel that has the most impact and staying power. Mailboxes are far less competitive and oversaturated than email inboxes or social media feeds and ripe for the taking.

Inkjet’s Role

An important trend is the idea that people need on-demand access to what they’re looking for. If it can’t be found quickly and easily, they’re going to find a company that can provide it.

Direct mail provides the access to your audiences that you need and its targeted focus, tactile nature and immediate impact make it a go-to for reinforcing the digital messaging that audiences have grown so accustomed to.

The key to your success is that you’re able to produce direct mail pieces swiftly and in large quantities—this is where inkjet plays its part. Inkjet printing gives you the ability to quickly run personalized and targeted print campaigns at higher quantities than what would make sense for digital.

Plus, treated production inkjet paper is designed to keep ink closer to the surface of the paper, causing more, vibrant colors and sharper detail. The treatment also strengthens the paper in order to withstand the rigors of high-speed printing and post-processing equipment. Different treated sheets deliver different results—the choice that’s right for your job depends on the results you would like to achieve.