“As We Get Better at Inkjet, Inkjet Gets Better”

There is a lot of excitement around Inkjet presses. In fact, there was a dedicated conference in late April focused fully on this hot topic.

Kirk Schlecker, Heeter’s VP of Operations, participated on a panel titled “A transaction printer, a direct marketer and a commercial printer walk into a coffeeshop…” at the recent Inkjet Summit 2017.

Inkjet = Hugely Disruptive

The panel discussed how inkjet is a hugely disruptive technology. In fact, Kirk argued that inkjet is the most disruptive technology in the print space in hundreds of years.

That sounds ominous, but there is huge upside to this rapid change; Kirk posits “as we get better at inkjet, Inkjet gets better.”

Kirk’s point is the whole industry -printers, paper companies, and equipment makers- are learning rapidly about inkjet’s many uses, benefits, etc. More specifically, when vendors invest more, we discover great new applications as well as vendors create higher-quality and lower-cost papers and inks.

Ultimately, if this experimentation and investment continues into the future, Kirk predicts we will see quality increase, costs of supplies like paper and ink drop, economies of scale boom and choice grow tremendously.

Kirk and the Heeter Team are leaders in this new inkjet world. To discuss further, contact Tom Boyle at