Case Study: Retailer Raises Quality of Personalized Mailers

Giant Eagle is a very active marketer to its hundreds of thousands of regional shoppers. It collects detailed buying activity of its Advantage members so that it can more accurately make offers for specific products to its customers. The retailer sought to increase traffic and sales in January, 2019 with highly personalized coupons.

Here are details of its Tailgating-themed campaign:

  • 450,000 Market District and Giant Eagle customers were targeted.
  • The campaign featured 1250 products.
  • Each recipient received a mailer which contained 12 personalized coupons tied to his/her specific buying habits.


Giant Eagle has conducted the campaign in the past with alternative printers, but sought to improve the quality of the color images on the coupons, make the mailer more personalized, as well as to reduce the campaign’s costs.


Heeter’s Ricoh roll-fed inkjet press generated 450,000 variable mailers with up to 15,000 different versions at a lower cost than the previous printer.

And very importantly, the quality of printed piece from the inkjet press was considerably higher than the previous press- resulting in higher quality variable coupons. The Ricoh also gives Giant Eagle the opportunity to design the mailer with full variable, not just the coupons, so it can be a more personal experience.

“Our previous method offered low resolution on the variable data portions which took away from the piece’s appeal. Heeter’s inkjet provides much higher quality – at a lower cost.”

Jody Neiswonger, Giant Eagle print production


Early results are promising; Giant Eagle expects to expand the mailings.