5 Awesome Examples of Interactive Print Ads


You may have seen some of these featured before on our site.  These are the best examples of interactive print ads we could find.  Massive brands like Ford, Nivea, and even Motorola use interactive ads to drive innovation and new products forward.  Utilizing this modern technology and blending it with print creates a special experience that the end user is sure to remember.  If you like the idea of interacting with your print, look no further!

1.) Motorola’s Color Changing Phone

This example of interactive print really pushed all the right buttons to make the top of our list.  You could physically select which color you wanted to see the new Motorola Moto X.  A great way to bet your clients interacting with the device, without actually having one in their hand.  It was a mix of tiny thin batters and an led panel.

2.) Nivea’s Protective Bracelet

Nivea knows exactly what parents want when at the beach. They created this interactive ad that provided a “sun band”.  A small tracking device parents can place on their children to track them while at the beach.  You can set a perimeter using the app on your smartphone and get alerts when your child steps out of bounds!

3.) Ford Explorer Cool Car Features

Here is one of the best examples of interactive print – Ford’s QR code enabled ads allow you to interact and see their new SUV line before buying it!  Drag over the image and your tour of their new SUV begins!

4.) C&A Interactive Facebook Like Button

How about like and dislike buttons integrated right into your magazine?  That’s what Fashion retailer C&A has done with this printed piece.  A smart way to market to your high end customers this was only sent to the select top clients and it was a great way to help the “masses” decide which clothes made the cut.

5.) Carlsberg Beer Bottle Opener

This could be the best beer ad in the world!  Carlsberg made it possible to open your beer…with the magazine advertisement!  Yep, follow the directions and your cold one will be open in no time flat.

Have you seen any great examples of interactive print ads we missed?  Please share with us in the comments section below.

Reprinted from Ink OnDa Paper.