10 Fun Direct Mail Pieces for When Your Mail’s Gone Stale

by Summer Gould, BRAND United

Over time, mail pieces can become boring and less effective, because we end up using the same formats over and over again. Have you considered spicing up your next mailer?

There are a lot of different things you can do. Some are more expensive than others. One way to change up your mailer without a ton of additional cost it to change the way you fold it. There are many fun folds you can try as self-mailers or in envelopes.

5 Fun Types of Folds as Self-Mailers

  • Coupon Mailer  If you plan on including coupons with your mailer, check this one out.
  • 6 Panel Mega  If you need a lot of space, this is a great fold. It will qualify as a flat though, so the postage will be more than a smaller size.
  • Pocket Mailer  If you would like a pocket in a letter size mailer, check this one out.
  • Rectangle Snake  This is super fun fold for a self-mailer. Check it out.
  • Star Iron Cross  This is unique and can hold inserts. Check it out.


5 Fun Types of Folds in Envelopes

Which ones are you interested in?

There are so many more fun folds to try. Your creative design can really make these folds pop. Give your prospects and customers a fun experience with your next direct mail piece.

Endless Fold

There is one more fold I want to highlight, that is the endless fold. These are super fun and your prospects and customers will flip through them more than once. Check out an example.

You will need to put this in an envelope to mail, but imagine their surprise as they keep flipping folds. The longer they spend flipping through your mail piece, the more your message sinks in.

Are your creative juices flowing now?

There is one final thing to keep in mind as you design for new folds; Have your mail service provider check your concept against postal regulations to make sure you are compliant. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra fees.

Are you ready to get started?


This article ran on BRAND United‘s website.