Meet Our New Human Resources Generalist

While we invest significantly in new technology and presses, our success at Heeter comes down to our human assets.

With this in mind, Heeter has added a Human Resources teammate to supplement our resources to hire, train, retain and promote our growing team.

“As We Get Better at Inkjet, Inkjet Gets Better”

There is a lot of excitement around Inkjet presses. In fact, a dedicated conference in late April focused fully on this hot topic. Kirk Schlecker, Heeter’s VP of Operations, participated on a panel which discussed how inkjet is the most disruptive technology in printing in hundreds of years.

The good news is that he forecasted the likely benefits that are likely to emerge from the massive learning that goes on around inkjet.

Heeter Goes Digital and Goes National

Digital printing brings major benefits to marketers – particularly around the ability to conduct variable mailings as well as significant cost savings.

Below is a feature article about Heeter’s investments in digital printing in the last couple of years and the benefits it is bringing to its clients.

Heeter Launches Education Solutions Program

It’s college football time – and Heeter Education Solutions for student recruiting, capital campaigns, alumni activities, athletic departments, and special events are scoring big everywhere.

For Carnegie Mellon University, we’re teaming with its top-ranked Tepper School of Business to produce a high-gloss 24,000 circulation quarterly magazine…

Email Marketing Is Dead; Long Live Email Marketing

Marketers have long exclaimed the powerful and cost effective features of email marketing – particularly for B2B messaging.

Email marketing has been proclaimed by pundits as “old school” and “bound to quickly recede;” yet, recent reports suggest that email continues to be a powerful tool for marketers. If anything, we are seeing improvements in results from email campaigns.