Snail Mail Isn’t Dead: 12 Ways to Engage Customers with Physical Mail

Nearly every business is focusing on digital marketing these days – as they should. Email, social media, video and blog posts are all effective and viable ways to reach a consumer base that would sooner dictate notes to their smartphone than whip out a notepad and pen. But this is not to say that traditional marketing methods are a thing of the past. Below are 12 recommendations to help you to tap into consumers’ nostalgia for receiving personal notes and creative packages via snail mail.

Messaging In-Season to Busy Pavers

Walsh Equipment is the leading construction and road maintenance dealer in Western and Central Pennsylvania. A key customer segment is the paver contractor who requires a wide variety of equipment, much of which Walsh sells. Knowing that marketing with digital messaging to contractors is a challenge during paving season, Walsh aimed to connect with buyers with one compelling set of physical mailings.

Pamela A. Bena Joins Heeter

Pam Bena is Heeter’s newest Vice President of Finance.

Ms. Bena brings more than 30 years of business experience with a focus on accounting and finance. Previous to Heeter, Pam worked for various consulting and accounting firms as well as private businesses. More recently Pam served as Senior Vice President – Finance for a privately-held construction company. Read more…