Scott Heeter


Scott Heeter is the President of Heeter. What started as a commercial print company has expanded under Scott’s leadership to include mailing, fulfillment, interactive marketing and other innovative services. Heeter is annually ranked as one of the largest commercial marketing firms in the country. Heeter employs 100 full time employees in two modern facilities, totaling 80,000 square feet in Southpointe.

Scott is a 23 year veteran of the print industry, having joined Heeter in 1993. Scott ran the Heeter sales organization from 2002-2007, at which point he became President and Partner in the business. In this current role, Scott leads the senior team and provides direction to the company. Scott has also utilized acquisitions as a means to fuel his company’s growth as well as to improve his firm’s competitive position in the evolving marketplace.

When he’s not at the office, Scott and his wife Dianne run a taxi, meal and free tuition service for their 3 active teenagers. Scott is a graduate of Penn State University, a Board Member and Treasurer of the Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central PA, an active member and volunteer of the Bible Chapel, YPO Pittsburgh, Soderstrom Society Member, and the Secretary of PrintAmerica, a professional peer group.