Improving Brand Consistency at Robert Morris

Heeter became the go-to service provider for the University’s print needs.

Robert Morris University, a private midsized suburban institution, needed to brand consistently across all publications and reduce errors within its very important direct mail recruiting packages.


The university’s Admissions Office had an issue with branding consistency: different printers produced varying shades of RMU’s colors across its many publications. Also, a rotating staff of student workers who assembled admissions kits raised the likelihood of errors.


RMU Admissions engaged Heeter to produce its primary print materials, and Heeter assumed the task of kitting all admissions packets. Heeter also prints for RMU’s sports information and alumni departments.

“Heeter is our go-to service provider for our print needs across the university. We find a consistency that is unmatched among commercial printers.”Amy Joy, Senior Designer, Robert Morris University


Print materials today consistently reflect RMU’s brand colors, admission packets are produced and mailed error-free, and the higher quality of its marketing products is evident to its target audiences.



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