Heeter Sustainability Policy Focuses on Electronic Recycling

Our Policy

Heeter recognizes that environmental responsibility is integral to world class printing, direct mailing, fulfillment, and technology productions and applications. We are committed to being a positive and creative force in the protection and enhancement of the environment in which we work and live. Heeter’s operations have specific responsibilities to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations. The fundamental principal of Heeter’s environmental policy is to minimize any negative impact to the environment while conserving natural resources. Heeter will continuously work to reduce its carbon footprint by exploring new means of recycling, waste reduction, chemical usage, ink usage, and supply sourcing, all the while making sure the quality of our products and services aren’t compromised. Using education and administrative controls, we will continue our processes and practices to identify areas of reduction in energy, waste, and emissions, and making the Earth a greener place.

Our Continuous Improvement Project

With the help of Sustainable Green Printing, Heeter will be focusing on a Continuous Improvement Project (CIP). The sustainability committee at Heeter has chosen to implement Electronic Recycling. Heeter currently does not recycle any old or broken electronics, so we thought this would be a good place to start. By implementing this procedure, Heeter will be able to reuse and recycle old electronics and reduce any waste around the office. This procedure will be revisited annually to ensure all materials that can be recycled are being recycled.

Our SMART Plan

Through the Continuous Improvement Project, Heeter will be recycling electronics using the following SMART goals:

  • Specific- Creating an electronic recycling program that includes recycling all old and damaged electronics. Pick up of electronics will be collected by Pinnacle Recycling on an as need basis.
  • Measurable- Heeter will keep track of how much electronic waste is being recycled to see if numbers increase or decrease throughout the year via invoices or receipts.
  • Achievable- The goal of recycling old electronics is attainable due to the fact that Heeter has not been recycling any electronics up until this point.
  • Realistic- Proof of destruction or proof of reused/refurbished materials should come from Pinnacle Recycling each time a pick up is made. This is a realistic way to measure and ensure recycling is occurring as much as possible.
  • Timely- When implemented, this procedure can be completed within a three month time span or less. Heeter will then continue to monitor the recycling bins to ensure all materials are being recycled, therefore leaving no electronic waste behind.

Our Commitment

At Heeter, we are invested in discovering ways in which we can become more environmentally friendly. The following ways address Heeter’s sustainability plan:

  • Heeter is focused on the minimization of generated waste through reduction, reuse of materials, and recycling of our consumables.
  • Heeter keeps track of efficient uses of energy and water through management controls and routine practices whenever possible.
  • The minimization and elimination of noises and air pollution is an important aspect of environmental sustainability that we at Heeter strive to improve upon.
  • Heeter is focused on minimizing, substituting, and whenever possible eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals in processes and operations.
  • Heeter is committed to improving our work space in order to become one of the most eco-friendly companies around.
  • Heeter complies with all applicable federal, state, and local law regulations that pertain to our business.

Heeter employees can be notified of all SGP procedures and changes through the Heeter newsletter and through updates send via email. Vendors, customers, and contractors will be informed of all Sustainable Green Printing related changes and adjustments via postings around the office or newsletters from Heeter as well. We ask all vendors and contractors to please respect the procedures we have put in place.

Here at Heeter, we know that success depends on everyone. Each of our employees, both full and part time, strive to make Heeter a truly sustainable company. We are dedicated and committed to delivering customer satisfaction all the while impacting the Earth positively along the way.

For more information on Heeter’s sustainability efforts, please contact Anita Titus at 724.746.8900 or via email.